2020-04-05 21:06:36

The world plague is here to stay soo.. here's the new plan! 

1) Kordella is grabbing me in a week once my court ordered quarantine (from flying in from Australia) is up. We're heading to Manitoba and all hell will break loose on a 3way with her and Bianca in my penthouse. Expect LOTS of content, as well as streaming on here to commense!

2) New price list has been configured! A ton of my rates have dropped and as we're getting more people on monthly, half year,  and anual subscriptions I'm giving you guys all the rewards! heart If you're already subscribed under one of these categories, I'm dropping all aditional XXX content purchase rates even lower! 

3) The website has CREDITS! Use them for even cheaper purchases! You can use it to tip me too!

4) If you are around Winnipeg and can prove you've been isolating for 14 days, we're willing to work as a team to cure the boredom! We'll be kickstarting a home cooking and delivery project and you can even request custom "veggie videos" before we make your meal (with or without them). 

5) As always, my preference goes to catering to weirdos! If you have a specific fetish, let me know! 


Much love, stay safe, & wash your hands ;)

Nia Nebula heart